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Quick start videos

Below are a selection of simple video tutorials to help get you going with Team Today.
Image showing an invite being received

Receiving an invite

Short guide on how new users join Team Today

Image of Team Today app

Installing the MS Teams app

How individuals can install the MS Teams app. IT Admins can do this on behalf of everyone.

Image of setting whereabouts

Navigating the team view

How to use the Team view within Team Today.

Image of setting whereabouts again

Setting your whereabouts

In this example we'll set some whereabouts for your colleagues to see.

Image of editing whereabouts

Editing your whereabouts

How to make a change to the whereabouts you have already set.

Image of company view in Team Today

Viewing other teams

This simple guide shows how you can see other teams in your company.

Image of office view in Team Today

Office view

Perfect for office managers, the office view gives a simple breakdown of who is planning to be in the office.

Image of floor plan feature in Team Today

Using the floor plan

Guide on booking desks via the interactive floor plan. This feature is part of the paid tier.

Image of work plan feature in Team Today

Using the work planner

The work planner simply just works! In this guide we'll explain the differing states and icons.

Image of holidays in Team Today

Using the holiday view

Guide on using the Team and personal holidays view.

Adding holiday authorisation

You can add holiday authorisation within Team Today. Video coming soon.

Image of user permissions in Team Today

Setting user permissions

You can allow users differing levels of access within Team Today. This guide shows you how.

Image of additional responsibilities in Team Today

Adding fire wardens and first aiders

Add additional responsibilities within Team Today and get alerts in the office view.

Creating custom whereabouts for teams

Video coming soon.

Office usage

Video coming soon.

Whereabouts report

Video coming soon

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